Air Quality

Air Quality


Indoor air quality is important to almost every homeowner who wants to avoid the possible health effects of mold, dust, or pollen. At Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating can install, repair, and replace indoor air purifiers and other equipment to keep your home clean and safe.

At Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating, we also offer repairs and tune–ups for existing indoor air quality equipment, as well as duct sealing and duct repairs. Our technicians know the importance of clean air for your health and the functionality of your home, and we do our best to ensure your air quality systems are working properly. If you need protection from mold, dust mites, pet dander, or pollen, we can install a variety of air cleaners and filtration systems to take care of the problem!


Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating possess the experience to install and replace a variety of air filtration systems in your home. We treat each customer like family and strive to build long-lasting relationships so you can get the quality care you need. If you want to add more moisture to the air in your home during winter or remove excess moisture in the humid summer months, we can install whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers to keep your home comfortable. We can help you breathe easy and can improve the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.
UV germicidal lights are a cost–effective solution to many indoor air quality issues. From bacteria and viruses, to mold spreading inside your ductwork, a UV germicidal light is one way to kill microorganisms and prevent them from spreading throughout your home. Damaged or poorly designed ductwork can also cause many indoor air quality problems, and leaky ductwork can account for up to 30% of energy loss in your home. We can install germicidal lights and seal leaky ducts in your home to save energy and money on utility bills and help avoid the spread of particles to the living spaces of your home.


The Duct work in your home can be extensive and even more so in your place of employment. It’s the perfect breeding place for all sorts of bacteria, pollutants, micro-allergens and other health hazards.

Ducting Replacement is the only sure way to get rid of all of the irritating particles that are lurking inside. It’s also the best way to make sure that the Duct system is in optimum condition and properly sealed to keep pollutants out. Start off with a clean slate with new, clean ducts.


The need for air conditioning duct replacement and ac duct repair typically comes with a few signs that indicate there’s a problem.
If you are experiencing any of the signs below or if you need an estimate for a duct installation or replacement for your home or a place of business, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


– There are variations in room temperature. Warm and cold spots aren’t normal. A fully-functioning duct system will circulate cool air uniformly.

– A room suddenly develops stuffy air or increased humidity. This isn’t likely to happen unless there’s an issue within your duct system.

– Energy bills are significantly higher. Air conditioning systems work harder to deliver cool air and maintain room temperatures when the ac ducting can’t perform at peak efficiency.

It’s important to keep all of the above signs in mind because you’re not likely to be able to see the entire duct system. It’s a network that can run through your floors, walls, ceilings, attic and basement. A professional a/c technician can easily determine the existence and location of any ductwork leaks or breaks anywhere within your home. Early detection will stop the flow of money.

Disconnected or loose ac duct connections drastically reduce the efficiency of the entire ac system. Air leaks in supply ducts allow cooled air to escape into crawl spaces and other obscure areas. It’s like blowing money into the air. Leaks in the return ducts can pull warm, stale, unconditioned air into the cooling system and into your rooms. It’s pulling money out of your pockets to pay for high energy bills.


Expertly designed duct work maximizes the capacity of your ac equipment. It’s the most important element of your entire ac system. Regardless of the size of your air conditioner unit, you’re going to sacrifice comfort, money and energy unless you have an efficient air conditioning duct design.

Most home owners are getting less than 60% cooling capacity even from their newly installed energy-efficient ac units due to having an inefficient duct system. You don’t have to settle for less than 3 tons of cooling capacity from a 5 ton unit! The returned air volume has to support the supply end of the cycle. Duct replacement often includes the addition or enlarging of a return.

Cooling demands vary along with the characteristics of the rooms. Room sizes and the amount of windows make a difference. Professionally trained technicians can balance the need and capacity of every room using the appropriate ac ducting replacement.

Duct insulation also improves efficiency. It’s estimated that the air inside non-insulated ducts can increase by a few degrees in temperature for every 100 feet that it travels. The recommended R-value varies by climate. In warm locations like Hawaii, Florida and
It’s easy to save money through maximum HVAC system efficiency. It all starts by scheduling an appointment with a professional Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating expert to clean, inspect and test your ducts. If you need air conditioning duct replacement or ac duct repair services please call today or contact us online, we’ll provide you with an up-front, all-inclusive estimate.


There is a lot of buzz in the HVAC world about indoor air quality. Why? Because the more tightly sealed our homes become, the more pollutants, bacteria and other contaminants are recycled through your home with no way out – spreading sickness, aggravating allergies and more. The solution lies in optional indoor air quality products that integrate into your HVAC system and work together to truly purify the air in your home such air conditioning air filters and whole house air cleaners.

Whole house air filtration units are installed between a furnace and the return air duct and are installed so they can capture airborne particles such as pollen, dust, spores, dander, bacteria and many other harmful particulates. Some air cleaners are non-electric media and others have a combined media and electric air filtration capability, the later being the best whole house air filter. Performance of these air filters is measured in terms of how efficient they are at trapping micron-sized particles. So the higher the micron rating, the better the air filter is at removing contaminants from the air and may reduce the incidence of allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes and even illness.
If you’re not sure what air filter or air cleaner is right for your home give us a call at (800) 407-1727.