3 Ways to Keep Your AC Healthy This Summer

3 Ways to Keep Your AC Healthy This Summer

Good things come in 3’s, and we’ve got three great tips for you to help keep your air conditioner healthy this summer. None of these tips involves doing work on your system – only trained experts should handle your system, whether it be for installation, repair, maintenance or replacement. If you do need help with any of these services, the AC specialists at Jupiter Air Conditioning And Heating, are only a phone call away! Our helpful staff will schedule you for air conditioning service, and should your AC breakdown outside of business hours, we are available for emergency service whenever you need it. Here are the suggestions from our technicians to help reduce your incidence of repair:

Pay Attention to Abnormal Activity

Poor performance, strange sounds and the presence of odors are all common signs that a problem has developed with your air conditioning system. Not all problems cause a complete shutdown of your system, so don’t allow your system to keep operating when you hear, see or smell something odd. Problems become worse over time not better, and continuing to run your system with an issue may create a larger and more costly problem to deal with.

Change the Air Filter

Oh, the problems a dirty air filter can cause! It seems like such a simple component, and it is, but once an air filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust, it can restrict the air flow in your system. Your AC needs a specific amount of air flow to operate correctly or else you may see problems like low air flow and icing develop. The rule is simple and finite: change the air filter every three months.

Schedule Maintenance

It can be easily overlooked each year, but it shouldn’t be. Why not? Because maintenance allows your system to be more efficient, perform better, increase your comfort and extend the life of your AC system. Maintenance isn’t a simple once-over of your air conditioner; it’s a full tune-up, and the benefits of a maintenance appointment can last you through the summer season.