Air Conditioner Knowledge

Air Conditioner Knowledge

HVAC systems have a big resemblance to cars – the more you know, the better you can take care of them. AC units and furnaces often get overlooked in general home maintenance since they are mostly out of sight and run behind the scenes.

We would like to tell some things about your AC unit that you may not know:

An Air Conditioner Doesn’t Create Cool Air

The process is the following, it is actually the removal of heat from the air. In order to remove heat and transfer it outside refrigerant is used by your AC . The warm air runs through the lines and coils in your unit and goes form liquid to gas and back again and in the result of this process the refrigerant removes the heat and transfers it elsewhere so that when the air comes out the other side it is cool.

Your AC will remove humidity

Lower humidity helps the overall comfort level by making you feel cooler, even if the temperature is the same.

Your Air Filter Needs to be Checked and Replaced Every 3-6 Months

Your air flow is restricted because of a dirty air filter, which reduces efficiency, and makes you spend much money. Over time this can put stress on your unit and could lead to a costly repair.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

HVAC system needs regular check upsso as to keep it running in tip-top shape. Having regular annual preventative maintenance will help your system serve you a log timeand hevefewer breakdowns over time.

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