What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

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As we know summers in Pasadena can be hot enough. Not as roasting and dry as an Arizona or New Mexico heat, but enough to make you thankful to have an efficient and effective air conditioner humming away in your home to keep you cool.

But what should you do if your Air Conditioner break down on a day when the thermometer rises above 90°F? Don’t worry, there’s help—and a few step you can take yourself to see if the “breakdown” might come from a simple error. In most cases, you will need professional repair help to restore your cooling, and for that you can rely on the 24-hour emergency services of Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating We know how  implement air conditioning repair fast.

Take These Steps When Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

  • Check on the thermostat first.

Thermostat malfunctions are a common cause for an AC failing to turn on, and in some cases you may have a simple case of user error. Did the thermostat lose its programming? Did someone switch if off accidentally? If the thermostat appears to failed altogether, you’ll know what to tell the repair technicians when they arrive where they should start their work.

  • Look into the circuit breaker panel

Air conditioners put a large demand on your power system, almost as much as any appliance in your home. Occasionally, an air conditioner can cause a circuit breaker to trip and cut off electrical power to the system. If a breaker has tripped, reset it and see if the air conditioner will come back on. If it does, but again trips the breaker, then there is a serious electrical issue with the air conditioner that will need professionals to remedy.

  • Call for licensed, trained repair technicians

One you looked into these two basic reasons for an air conditioner refusing to come on, don’t make any more DIY attempts, and don’t open up the cabinet of your air conditioning system to attempt to troubleshoot the problem. You don’t want to possibly make the situation worse with amateur tinkering. Instead, contact a 24-hour licensed HVAC service to come your house, diagnose the issue, and apply targeted repairs.

  • Check on the age of the system and look over your recent power bills

While you wait for the technicians to arrive, look into how long you’ve had the air conditioner, and also see if there was an increase in your power bills over the last year. This information will help you when working with the technicians, since it will assist you in deciding if repairs are the solution, or if you should invest in new system installation.

When you need air conditioning repair service make the right call (800) 407-1727 Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating. We can handle all your needs for cooling, from installation, to maintenance, to repairs.