Air Conditioning Systems for Loft Conversions

Air Conditioning Systems for Loft Conversions

You never know what the temperature is in your Loft conversions. It may be either boiling hot in the summer time or freezing cold in the wintry weather. You are lucky if you install an air conditioner in the loft and it completely solves that kind of problem. Not only do air conditioners provide effective cooling they’re additionally extremely efficient heaters.

We set up air conditioning of high quality that may deal with the temperature extremes of the loft. Every unit we set up is ‘whisper quiet’ so if the conversion is an office or bedroom you can work or sleep in peace!

We offer a free site survey no matter how massive or small the set up is. All surveys are executed by our skilled AC specialists who can speedy advise on the perfect Air Conditioning unit for your loft.
In general lofts have pitched roofs, and do no longer have many full-sized walls; in these cases, we sometimes need to recommend specialist AC units.

Low wall mounted air conditioners.

These air conditioners are ideal for loft conversions insofar that they’re positioned at a low level on the wall which avoids the sloping or low ceiling problems. They’re highly-priced than traditional high wall units. However customers choose them very often because, like radiators, they are positioned out of their line of sight. One unit is normally sufficient to provide both cooling and heating to a loft, however very huge loft areas may need tow units.

Our surveyors will take the layout of the room into consideration whilst deciding on a place for the air conditioner so as to get the most efficient cooling/heating.

Home owners also can use wall mounted air conditioners in lofts which have higher ceilings or at the least one taller wall. They are inexpensive than different air conditioners and, like low-wall AC Systems, they may be also smooth to retrofit in rooms without the need for redecoration. They are thin and long, and positioned at a high level on the wall.

There are premium models of wall units as well. They’re a bit extra high-priced; however, they are superb looking units.

Our surveyors will thankfully talk you thru all the alternatives to be had to make certain you get exactly what you are searching out.