Air Conditioning System for Server Rooms

Air Conditioning System for Server Rooms

Computer server rooms turned to be the heart of almost every organization. So it’s very important to make certain that computer hardware is working at its optimal temperate. It’s necessary to ensure that servers do not overheat which make them to slow down, shut down or totally crash. It’s better to pay a little bit more for the great high-quality Air Conditioning System in this important room. It can work out much more cost-effective then installing an ordinary brand where the risk of failure is much greater.

In case you want to cool a single server or an entire server room, Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles has the experience to keep your servers cool within all year. Before advising you an air conditioner for a server room our surveyors will ask you about your plans for the room in future.  The main reason is to ensure that we specify the right unit to future-proof the setup, taking care of any extra heat load. For example if you want to improve your Air Conditioning System, add more servers and/or computer systems.

No matter how big or small the job is we provide a free site survey. Our skilled air conditioning engineers implement all the necessary surveys. They can tackle even the hardest of server room installations.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioning System are the Systems, which our experienced specialists advise for server rooms. Most of all people use wall units in server rooms. First of all, you may direct the cold air at once on the server to keep them as cool as possible. There are also precise wall-mounted air conditioning models that are constructed especially to deal with the intense, consistent cooling that a server room requires.

At Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles we always avoid cheap models which are designed for home/office use and will not serve long and will break down when you need them most!

In companies where the outcomes of a failed server can be catastrophic. We strongly recommend to install an additional Air Conditioning Unit as an emergency backup. Better be secure than sorry!  In case you would like to be extra secure, then ask our surveyors when they visit you.

Under-Ceiling units for Server Rooms.  The specialist in Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating based in Los Angeles recommend under-ceiling air conditioners as an alternative option for server rooms. Many people use this devise as a higher-powered option than a wall-mounted unit is needed. This extra energy (up to 14kW) can handle up to 6 additional servers or maybe a larger room.

It’s important to place both under-ceiling and wall-mounted units faraway from electronic device as there’s a threat of leaking if not to maintain them regularly.  Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating  is sure that our installation will last a test of time. Therefore we offer a 5-year warranty on all our server room installations.

In case your server room air conditioner broke down then we can carry out an EMERGENCY PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION for you within very short period of time.

You can get our service by simply calling at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating or visiting our website.