Can Your Central Air Conditioning Serve You in Winter?

Can Your Central Air Conditioning Serve You in Winter?

It is winter in the United States. People are beginning to feel some of the snow, wind and cold that the weather patterns can bring. You still want to be sure that your home is properly prepared for the cooler weather that will be upon you even if you live in a warmer area that may not see any of the snow and frigid cold. You may not be using your central air conditioning at all during this time of year, giving it a rest from the regular use it gets in the warmer months. However you still want to make sure you take care of it during the winter. So is your central AC ready for winter?

Why Should it be Ready?

If you do not see temperatures below freezing during the winter, it is still important to protect your system properly during the winter. The temperatures can still reach freezing or below, causing a moisture build-up in your components. With the cold weather overnight and then warming during the day happening regularly during the winter, you get regular freezing and thawing cycles. This can cause damage to the components and the whole system. You want to do all you can to prevent any type of damage like this from occurring.

What You Can Do?

There are some steps you can take to protect your system properly. You may want to shut your AC system down for the winter. In this way you will save a great deal of money on electricity. You also will avoid any potential scenarios where the system may start up accidentally during the winter and start cycling water that can end up freezing during the cold. You should also consider getting some type of cover for your unit to protect it from the cold and any potential falling debris.

Your best bet is to turn to the help of a certified central air technician to provide you with a winterizing service for your system. An experienced Air Conditioning service can come right to you and perform the regular maintenance.  The specialists will safely and properly prepare your AC system for the winter months. They can also assist you with getting a proper cover for your system for the winter that provides the right level of protection. This will allow air to circulate so that moisture does not develop on components, preserving your system for as soon as the weather gets warmer.