Commercial HVAC Systems vs. Residential HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC Systems vs. Residential HVAC Systems

The differences between commercial HVAC systems and home systems are in a number of ways, and the two require a much different set of skills to address properly. Here in Los Angeles, CA, that’s a serious consideration. Both large and small businesses should think not only about how to keep their employees comfortable (vital to a productive workplace) but to make customers feel welcome in their office space. That’s why they depend on reliable air conditioning not only to keep. Accordingly, business owners and office managers need to hire air conditioning technicians who understand the distinction and respond appropriately. Here are 3 differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems.

Different Needs

If your office space is divided into multiple tenants, then each tenant is apt to have different air conditioning needs. A small office using garden-variety laptops is less apt to need more powerful air conditioning system than a high-end software firm which needs their hard drives to stay cool no matter what. A good office needs a system that allows them to tailor the temperature individually to fit any potential clients.

Quick System Repair

When the air conditioning system goes down in an office or a commercial space, the results can be devastating. A good air conditioning repair service can respond promptly to such concerns, but the system itself must accommodate that kind of response. For example, many commercial spaces use multiple modular air conditioning systems in part to allow other units to pick up the slack when one breaks down.

Increased Workload

A commercial HVAC system needs to work all day every day whenever there’s a need. This is the most important point.  You can often turn off your home air conditioning systems during the heat of the day, as well as have a much smaller space to cool down.

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