Do I Need Air Quality Testing?

Do I Need Air Quality Testing?

Did you know the air in your home may not be as clean as you suspect and can actually be more polluted than the air outside? The air quality in your home could be causing your allergies to act up or could be the reason for more serious health problems.

Every day, allergens including viruses, dust, and pet dander circulate through your home. The EPA has found that, on average, indoor air pollutant levels are 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor air and, in some homes, as much as 100 times greater.

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Reasons to Schedule Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you’re experiencing anything listed below, or anything else you’re unsure about, schedule air quality testing now:

  • Bad allergies: Though bad allergies could be attributed to a change in seasons, it could just as likely be a reaction to the contaminants in your home. If you start experiencing coughing, sneezing, headaches, watery eyes, congestion, or bloody noses, pay attention to when these symptoms act up. If you start experiencing them shortly after walking into your home and if they disappear when you go outside, you should schedule air quality testing.
  • Weak lungs: The chemicals in your home could potentially affect your lungs and lead to pretty severe health conditions. If you frequently experience pneumonia or bronchitis symptoms, it could be because of the air quality in your home.
  • Other health issues: If you begin to experience fevers, chills, dizziness, rashes, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, shortness of breath, or hearing loss, there is a change poor air quality is the cause. Of course these health problems could be caused by something else, but if you’re experiencing these symptoms in addition to other things on this list, air quality could very well be the reason.
  • New home improvements: If you have recently had a portion of your home renovated or remodeled, the purity of your air may suffer as a result. Whether you’ve painted your home, replaced your flooring, or completed any other project, there is a chance that it caused chemicals to collect in your HVAC system. If these chemicals start circulating throughout your home, they may negatively affect your health.
  • Inconsistent air distribution: Regardless of whether your health is being affected or not, if you notice that some spots in your home are colder or warmer than others, you may have a problem with airflow. Mugginess in your home could also be a sign of poor indoor air quality.

What Does an Indoor Air Quality Test Involve?

If you schedule indoor air quality testing with Axberg, your air cleaning service will start with an evaluation of the results of your indoor air quality testing. Then we will recommend a course of action to ensure your home has safe, clean air.

Worried about your indoor air quality? In addition to scheduling a service, taking advantage of these products and services to improve your indoor air quality may help:

  • Air humidification
  • Air dehumidification
  • Ventilation
  • Indoor air purifiers
  • Improved filtration
  • Air duct cleaning

Why Choose Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating for Air Quality Testing in Burbank, CA?

If your family is suffering from asthma and allergies, indoor air pollution may be the culprit. To get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution that will work, trust the team at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating with your indoor air quality testing. Call us today to schedule your service and give your family the gift of healthy, clean air at home.Interested in scheduling indoor air quality testing in Burbank, CA? Call (800) 407-1727!or contact us online today!