Duct Breaches and their Consequences

Duct Breaches and their Consequences

Here in Los Angeles, CA many homes rely on centralized heat and air conditioning system. They generate the hot or cool air from a large main system, and then blow it through your home via a series of ducts. When those ducts suffer a breach, it can cause a number of problems. Unconditioned air can intermingle with conditioned air, lowering efficiency and forcing your system to work harder to do its job (resulting in higher monthly bills for you). It can also bring dust and dirt into your system, lowering your indoor air quality. The good news is that a trained technician can usually seal a duct breach when you detect one. But what cases duct breaches? If the ducts are hidden in the crawlspace and the attic, won’t they be immune to damage?

Find bellow some of the leading conditions that lead to duct breaches.

Old Fittings

Just like any other bolt or fitting the bolts or fittings between two pieces of duct can become worn out. When they do, the pieces can fly apart, resulting in a breach.

Damage Caused by Animals

Raccoons, rats and other animals can climb into your attic or the crawlspace in your walls. It’s not unusual for them to chew on the fixtures, including the material that comprises your ducts. In some cases, they can tear quite a hole before you evict them or they decide to move on.


Here in Southern California, the earth has a tendency to rock and roll every now and again. When it does, it can result in a tear in your ducts.

Incautious Repairs

Whether it’s you or a hired repair serviceman performing some duty in your home, if they’re careless around your ducts, it could very easily create a breach.

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