Duct Sealing Improves Your Air Conditioning

Duct Sealing Improves Your Air Conditioning

Ductwork is the hidden system that delivers the cool air to your home’s living spaces. It can be hard to know when your ductwork may be faulty and leaking your cool air because your ductwork resides almost entirely behind walls and above ceilings. If you want to reduce and eliminate many of the problems caused by faulty ductwork you need to hire a professional for duct sealing. Call Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating to get professional service from our specialists.

Duct Sealing Specialties

When the technician arrives, he/she will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire ductwork system to see where the problems exist. Duct sealing in general involves using adhesive called mastic to create a hard, long-term seal over cracks, holes and disconnections in your ductwork. Once a specialist discovers the problem areas, he or she will commence sealing the ductwork. First, mastic is applied to the problem area; then foil or fiberglass tape is placed on top of the mastic and the combo is left to dry. For seals that are broken at a connection point, both ends of the ductwork should be coated in mastic, put together and wrapped with a metal binding, and the binding will be secured with sheet metal nails. The mastic is left to cure and reinforce the seal.

Duct sealing improves energy efficiency

Ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss. Your air conditioning system will work to compensate for this loss, and will do so by working harder and using more energy.

Duct sealing takes the stress off your air conditioning system

An air conditioner that has to make up for air loss is one that works under stressful conditions. Extra stress can lead to malfunction and breakdown.

Duct sealing improves your indoor air quality

Unwanted contaminants and pollution can get in and will be delivered right into your home’s living spaces.

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