Heat Pumps. Common Repair Issues

Heat Pumps. Common Repair Issues

Heat pumps work best in places with mild winters like ours, and allow you to use the same system as both a heater and an air conditioner with just the flip of a switch. In general they make a great option for both heating and air conditioning here in Los Angeles, CA. They are reliable systems, but like any system, they run into trouble from time to time. So when they don’t work properly, you need a qualified technician to execute repairs. That starts with spotting common repair issues with your heat pump. The more you know, the more swiftly you can respond when trouble arises. Here’s a quick breakdown of some common issues that you should learn to watch out for.

Leaking Refrigerant

As with air conditioners, heat pumps relay on refrigerant to do their job: passing through a reversible cycle of compressor arrays and evaporator coils. Refrigerant isn’t supposed to leak, but when it does, it can throw off the heat pump’s delicate balance. As a result, the coil becomes covered with ice, the balance needed to maintain the cycle is disrupted and you system needs to work much harder to do its job. A technician can find and seal the leak before recharging the refrigerant.

Solving Valve Problems

When homeowners are switching their systems over from air conditioning to heating, it tend to show up a lot at this time of year. The reversing valve changes the flow of the refrigerant in the system, allowing you to heat your home instead of cooling it. If it’s damaged, you can’t always tell until you need to switch over. It’s usually an issue you want to treat promptly, before the nights get too cold. Call Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating (800) 407-1727 to get professional service from our specialists.