How to Handle a Heat Wave

How to Handle a Heat Wave

These can be more than an inconvenience when Los Angeles experiences its fire major heat wave of the year these past few weeks. Moreover, most of the hot days are going to happen before the summer is done. When it comes to your family’s health and safety, you just need to prepare carefully. They can be downright dangerous if you aren’t careful. A good air conditioning system can be your best weapon against the heat. You cannot just turn it on and forget about it. Proper planning and care for your system will pay dividends the next time the heat skyrockets here in the Southland.

Get Your Unit Serviced

An Air Conditioning Maintenance session gives the technician a chance to check for larger problems. It helps improve efficiency and ensure that it runs at its best throughout the summer. If your air conditioning has any problem to fix before the temperatures climb again.

Energy Usage

You probably already know to set your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal during a heat wave. However, there are other actionable steps you can take. Don’t run your system while you aren’t at home. As an alternative, use the programming feature on your thermostat to turn it on 20 minutes before you expect to arrive home.

Run Fans

Fans cost less to run than air conditioners and can help you feel cooler by evaporating the sweat off of your body. This comes on top of other sensible steps to beat the heat. You should drink plenty of water and fruit juice, and keep doors and windows closed until things cool off in the evening. In the evening open them up and run the fans to keep your home come without having to use the Air Conditioning.

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