Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Do you know that how many times your home’s air circulates through the air duct of your heating or cooling system? Many of you will not be aware of it. Let us make you know it is approximately five to seven times that the air circulates through the air duct and carry the dust and other debris with it. Now, the main concern is that whether this dust and debris affect the quality of air that you are getting, or not.

Taking into account this reason a lot of people are confused that whether they should get their duct cleaned or it is OK to use them as they are. Though there is no such study which proves the fact that health issues can be prevented by duct cleaning, still there are some factors that will make you know that why it is necessary to have your duct cleaned. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are some reasons for having your ducts cleaned which are mold, mysterious illnesses, infestation and clogged ducts. You will get rid of dust or debris by getting your ducts cleaned. Besides improving the Air Quality, the efficiency of the system will also be increased by duct cleaning as it will ease the airflow by removing cobwebs and debris. In addition n to this, duct cleaning is more important in the case you are having fiberglass ducting as it attracts more dust as compared to sheet metal.

Therefore, many of the companies dealing in AC installation and provide other Air Conditioning Services deal in delivering duct cleaning services too. In order to possess all the benefits of duct cleaning, it should be done in a proper manner. For doing this a company must have all the needed machines, must have knowledge about the proper method and should have experience with performing the duct cleaning. Otherwise it will work in the opposite way i.e. will do harm instead of doing any good.

Regardless of the fact that you are hiring a specialized duct cleaning company or a company which deals in providing all other Air Conditioning Services along with it; you have to ensure the following things to be involved in the duct cleaning.

  • All doors and other access ports should be inspected and cleaned in a proper manner.
  • The air vacuuming equipment should be of high efficiency.
  • The household furnishing and carpeting should be protected during the process of cleaning the duct.
  • The brushing equipment should have powerful vacuums in order to remove dust particles and should also be well controlled.

Do your best to have your ducts cleaned at AC installation company if.

  • Your house is remodelled.
  • Someone do smoking.
  • You are having old carpets.