Make a Decision to Cut Down on Indoor Dust

Make a Decision to Cut Down on Indoor Dust

Homeowners very often can see a huge influx of dust and dirt in their systems because Los Angeles is essentially a desert community. If you have air conditioning system you may want to add a few to help resolve the influx of dust and other contaminants in your home. We have a few suggestions on how to do that, which you can implement today by picking up the phone and calling a qualified AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE.

Maintenance Service

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service keeps your heater or your air conditioner in fighting shape by cleaning off dirty components, tightening loose bolts and the like. If you order the service, be sure it will improve your system’s efficiency, as well as act as an early warning for burgeoning repair issues. But the dust and dirt in your system can build up quite a bit – especially in your heater, which likely hasn’t seen use for much of the year – and a maintenance session can help reduce the spread of that dust through your home.

Air Purifiers

Air circulates through an ionization chamber during the cycling of your heater and air conditioner, then sticks to the walls of a collection chamber. As the HVAC system runs, the air is cleansed of dirt and contaminants. So an electronic air purifier takes a more direct approach to removing the dust from your system.

Duct Sealing

A good service will pinpoint the source of the breach and properly seal it. This not only results in a cleaner home, but can improve the efficiency of your Heater and Air Conditioner as well. The thing is that a breach in your ducts can pull in dust and other contaminants from the outside, especially if it takes place in your attic or crawlspace where dust tends to accumulate.