Options for Your Air Conditioning Replacement

Options for Your Air Conditioning Replacement

If you’re thinking about your air conditioning replacement, then you definitely will start looking around at replacement alternatives. However, before choosing the same type of air conditioning system for your apartment, read the information bellow and find a number of alternative options for you. Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. is proud to provide air conditioning system replacement service in Burbank.  We want our clients to know about a number of the additional types of air conditioning systems which are available on the market.

Right here are some air conditioning system options to keep in mind. People in Burbank usually choose from those options when it comes to air conditioning replacement or installation in Burbank:

Central Air Conditioning System.

Perhaps it is the most common used cooling system in the USA. It’s far frequently referred to as a forced-air system or a split system as it uses an indoor and an outdoor unit.

Heat pumps.

They work in exactly the same way as a central air conditioning system except that they can also offer heating.

Ductless mini split.

Those system permits to achieve a very high level of performance due to the fact they aren’t prone to the energy loss associated with ducts. Furthermore they provide zone control which permits homeowners to set different temperatures in their apartments.


People who want to greatly reduce the amount of energy, a geothermal system uses the electricity stored in the earth to heat and cool your apartment. However to operate this kind of system you should bury a long series of coil in the ground.  That means that you should have a huge property to accommodate them.

If the air conditioning system that you operate is really old or if it isn’t operating, call Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating to organize air conditioning replacement in Burbank. We can assist you to decide if there is a sense constantly to repair your air conditioning system or it’s time to replace it.