Restricted AirFlow in Air Conditioning System

Restricted AirFlow in Air Conditioning System

An obvious sign of trouble with your air conditioner is a lack of cool air. Strange noises and unexpected spikes in your bill are also indicators of problem with your air conditioner. But sometimes, your system has no problem generating cool air: it’s getting that air into your house that’s the problem. Restricted air flow can be just as damaging as a lack of cool air. It usually makes your system to worker harder to do its job, and raising your bills in the process. Low air flow can also increase wear and tear on your system, elevating the possibility of a air conditioning repair bill in the future. And with summers in Los Angeles, CA as hot as they are, the last thing you need is a breakdown. Here are 3 reasons for restricted airflow in your air conditioning system.

Fan Problems

The fan is responsible for blowing the cooled air into your ducts. In case it runs into trouble then the flow of air is going to slow.


Blockages in the air passages are uncommon, but do occur. Check your filters to make sure they don’t need changing. Have the technician inspect your ducts for blockages or breaches if the reduced airflow is limited to one part of the house.

Motor Problems

In order to operate the fan requires a motor and if the motor is having trouble, it will turn more slowly or not at all. The motor itself could be experiencing mechanical difficulties, or the electrical connections to it may be frayed or loose. You might also check your breaker box to make sure the electrical problem is based in your air conditioner and not power being cut off at the source.

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