Signs of Air Conditioner Fan Blower Breakdown

Signs of Air Conditioner Fan Blower Breakdown

The key part of the indoor cabinet of your air conditioning system is the blower fan. The blower through the return vents draws in warm air from your apartment, moves it through the evaporator coil to cool it. Afterwards it delivers the air into the ventilation system. You won’t have a working air conditioner if the blower fails.

In case the blower in your air conditioning system starts to develop mechanical or electrical faults, you can detect the warning signs in time. Just turn to Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating for air conditioning repair service in Los Angeles, CA.

We provide you a list of some of the more common warnings that you have a faulty blower in your air conditioning system:

Lowered airflow from the vents:

This is the most common problems with the blower. It shows that the blower fan is losing power and is unable to send the air through the ventilation shafts at sufficient power levels. There could be other causes for loss of airflow from the vents, such as damage to the ductwork or a clogged air filter. You will need to call for professionals to look into the situation and find the best way to remedy the situation.

Reduced cooling:

A consequence of the blower developing faults and lowering airflow is that the cooling level will drop as well. This will be most noticeable in your home from uneven cooling, with certain rooms feeling hotter than they should.

Icing along the evaporator coil:

The blower sends warm air from the return vents past the cold refrigerant in the evaporator coil. But if the blower begins to struggle moving sufficient amounts of warm air. The refrigerant in the coil will not absorb enough heat and will remain too cold. Furthermore it is triggering the condensation along the coils to freeze. This will cause a drop in cooling and needs immediate repairs.

Loud operation:

If the blower motor or the blower fan sustains damage or begins to operate with faults, it will start to make loud mechanical noises. Any unusual noise from the air conditioner is something that you should have investigated by a call to a skilled repair service.

A number of different failures could lie behind any of these problems. Do not attempt to diagnose the cause on your own. Do not try to fix it on your own. Call Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating instead to get professional air conditioning repairs in Los Angeles, CA. We delivered quality AC and heating repairs to homes in Southern California for a long time.