The work of Your Central Air Conditioning

The work of Your Central Air Conditioning

During the summer cooling season the central air conditioning system in your home is vital to keeping your house comfortable. It is wise to know some basics about how the equipment works since you rely so heavily on this cooling system.

Here’s a short overview of central air conditioning. It will help you understand the system and its function.

Maintaining Temperatures in Your Home

Unlike window air conditioners, which are most effective in only one small area, central Air Conditioning models can produce enough cool air. It helps to maintain temperatures throughout an area the size of an entire home. Central air conditioners produce cooling using processes including removing heat from indoor areas and producing cool air for temperature control.

Central air conditioner contains two individual units: an outdoor unit that contains a compressor, an indoor unit that contains the evaporator and the air distribution equipment, condenser and other important parts.

The Work of a Central Air Conditioner

Liquid refrigerant in the Air Conditioner unit evaporates from a liquid to a gas in your home. Afterwards it absorbs heat, cooling the evaporator coil.

The air handler upsets air over this coil, which produces cool air. The conditioned air is enforced into the ductwork, the system of pipes. It carries cool air to all points in your home. The air goes via the ductwork and exits from vents in the floor or walls while cooling indoor spaces. Expended air comes back to the system where it’s filtered, cooled and distributed again.

Secondly, the gaseous refrigerant travels via the system to the outside unit. There it’s compressed and transformed back to liquid form. The refrigerant releases the heat as it contains changes state again. The refrigerant then cycles back indoors, where the process begins again. This is why you can sometimes see waves of heat coming off the outside unit.

Air Conditioning Unit Preventative Maintenance

This is a very complicated process that necessitates a lot of moving parts for sure. You will want to make sure you’re getting regular preventative maintenance for your unit to be sure your system continues to operate at optimal efficiency throughout the summer. You need to implement it at least on an annual basis.

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