Weird Smells from Air Conditioner

Weird Smells from Air Conditioner

In the triple digit heat of the summer a malfunctioning air conditioner can make you absolutely miserable In Los Angeles. Problems announce themselves in all kinds of ways and the sooner you spot them, the better off you’ll be. Sometimes you can spot them in other ways, however many of them are mechanical. You may detect a funky odor coming from your vents when you turn them on. Here’s why strange odors may be coming from your air conditioner.

Burning Smells or Ozone

In case a motor or similar component of an air conditioners which run on electricity malfunctions, it will emit the smell of ozone or burning. You’ll likely detect it as it blows through your ducts. The good news is that your system may have an automatic shut-off control to turn the whole thing off if there’s a problem. However if it happens you should turn off the unit immediately and call for help. Otherwise, you risk permanent damage to these components.

Mildew Smells

As air conditioners cool the air, moisture coalesces and falls into a drip pan. A line from the pan should take the drippings out of the system. If the pan gets misaligned or the drain line gets clogged, however, the liquid will stay in the system and stagnate. In this case mildew can arise from something growing in the ducts, or from a clogged condensate line in the system itself. And the mildew is just the first stage of the problem. If left unaddressed, safety features will kick in and keep the system from turning on. Otherwise, the overflowing condensate will short out key components like the fan motor.

No matter what the source of a problem is, you should solve it rapidly.

Left in disrepair, the problem can escalate, becoming more costly over time. Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Service as soon as you can to fix the problem before it gets worse. Especially in the case of a mildew smell, you’re going to see the problem grow. Call Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating in Los Angeles. Our expert technicians will solve any problems easily.