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There’s no doubt about it; air conditioning repairs are not the most exciting to-do list item. Especially if your air conditioner breaks down on the hottest day of the year. Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc gets this entirely and wants to make sure that you and your family are comfortable all year. We’re here to reduce your worries about broken air conditioning systems and any repercussions they cause.

Our specialists are trained, NATE-certified and licensed in managing everything your air conditioner might surprise you with, and in treating any make or model. No matter the unit or trouble, we can service and repair it.

There comes a point, however, when most homeowners begin to question if servicing air conditioning Burbank is worth it, or if it’s time to get another system. Our rule of thumb is usually when your maintenance costs equal about 50% percent of the value of your system, then it’s time for a replacement. The older your air conditioning unit is, the greater risk you have of regular problems – that’s why we also tell our air conditioning Burbank customers that 12 years may be the perfect time to replace instead of continuing to service an air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Service Burbank

You always hear about staying on top of servicing for your air conditioning in Burbank. But why? Preserving your system plays a large role in the comfort of your home, especially with the irregular summer weather in Burbank. Don’t wait for your air conditioner to flake out on a hot summer day – service your air conditioning Burbank it before it’s too late!

Our experts at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc are on hand for repair and maintenance because it’s important to us that our customers’ essentials are met. Whether it’s a crisis or a regular inspection, we’ve got your back. Regular servicing is your best bet and it presents a variety of benefits, including:

Efficiency: The more often your air conditioner is repaired, the better and longer it will run. When it’s working at top efficiency, that also means lower energy usage and therefore decreased energy costs.

Comfortability: When an air conditioner is running at its absolute best, so are the people in your home. Being at ease with the state of your air conditioner means that you keep cool and productive during hot summer days.

Reliability: With annual maintenance, the chance of problems or malfunctions radically decreases because our professionals can check for and handle problems before they happen. Your air conditioner will stay steady and reliable, even when it’s being used more often.

Dependability: Parallel your air conditioner service to a car oil change – staying on top of both mean that you can rely on your car to get you to your destination, and on your home to keep you cool all summer long. With a dependable system, you can get more out of your summer.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Burbank

There’s nothing more valuable than air conditioning upkeep if you want to keep your home running efficiently and comfortably all summer long. Annual air conditioning maintenance guarantees that your HVAC system is functioning at peak performance and means you don’t have to worry about your home’s temperature.

The experts at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc will ensure that all your air conditioning requirements are met. Here are the benefits that you can anticipate from us:

Reliable Operation: The faster you take care of any air conditioner questions or troubles you have, the more you’ll be able to rely on it. Our maintenance is designed with appropriate, long-term operation in mind.

Ending Emergency Repairs: Annual maintenance lowers your odds for potential system breakdowns or crises, which you really don’t want on the hottest day of the year. Our experts will tackle potential dangerous areas in our check-ups before they become a setback for you.

Timely Maintenance Before Season Changes: Examining your air conditioner before the summer even begins ensures that you don’t have to worry about malfunctions or repairs needed in the middle of the summer. This preemptive maintenance allows you to begin using your air conditioner immediately once temperatures begin to rise.

Saving Summer Money: We make sure that every filter and fan works correctly in your air conditioner. By cleaning all pieces of your system, we hope to save you money by decreasing your chances of needed repairs.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Burbank

The warm months are not the time to worry about whether you will return to a comfortable home – instead of agonizing about your air conditioner breaking down on the most scorching hot day of the year, replace your air conditioner before it’s too late.

Summers without air conditioning in Burbank are painful. While investing in a new air conditioner can be a difficult step, our professionals at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc want to make your change as easy as possible. Ask yourself these questions when determining if it’s time to get rid of your old air conditioner and invest in a new one this summer:

Is Your System Unreliable? Taking the time to investigate other air conditioning systems and how other consumers have rated them will guarantee that you invest in a reliable and trusted air conditioner.

Is Your System Noisier than You Would Like? With new sound-cancelling technology, noise levels are significantly decreased and make it so that you can’t even know when your system turns on. Determine your comfort levels with the amount of noise your current system is producing.

Is Your HVAC System Raising Your Energy Bills? When your air conditioner is efficient, then you are saving yourself money. Modern systems with enhanced technology can make a huge difference in your energy usage, so if you’re trying to save a few bucks, a replacement could help you out.

Do You Have Comfortable Airflow? If you notice inconsistent airflow from your air conditioner, a newer system can help maintain the cool air flowing properly throughout your home.

Air Conditioner Installation in Burbank

Choosing a new air conditioner for you and your home is a significant decision – you need to consider your budget, your home essentials and comprehend the steps of air conditioning installation. But at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc, we realize that investing in a new air conditioner becomes a lot easier if you don’t have to stew about that last consideration at all. Our trained experts are here to certify that you not only know all the benefits of your new system but can also rest assured that the air conditioner will be installed correctly and effectively. We want you and your family to be comfortable.

Pre-Installation: One of our technicians will stop by your home prior to installation day to ensure that the system you chose is the right size and will fit in the area that you want it in. They’ll make sure the area is clear and accessible for an efficient installation.

Testing: The installer inspects to ensure that the system is creating cold air, that there aren’t any duct leaks, and that the airflow is stable. Any modifications needed will be made to ensure your absolute comfort.

Installation: Our pros place the air conditioner accurately, stabilize it and guarantee it has the right amount of clearance. Installing the piping and wiring will get the unit prepared to be tested.

Explanation: If you have any questions during the installation, our professionals are more than happy to walk you through their process and describe the stages they are taking. They will also offer you with tips and tricks to make sure you comprehend all that your new system can offer you and how to preserve it.

Installation day is easy and painless with our expert team at Jupiter Air Conditioning and Heating Inc and they will guarantee that you can go back to living in comfort in Burbank. With NATE-certified, fully licensed and well-trained experts, we are certain to take care of all your air conditioner installation needs.

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